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Thread: 1.3 T-Bird?

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    1.3 T-Bird?

    Any idea what the 1.3 T-bird will do? When do you think it will be out?

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    rumor has it that the 1.33GHz t-bird should be out within a few weeks...
    there will likely be no 1.3GHz chip simply because current 100MHz AMD chips have "only" up to a 12.5x frequency multiplier....

    I seriously doubt there will be any physical difference between say the 1.2's and the 1.33's except for the higher frequency...AMD's palomino will not be out for another few months and I doubt that they would rework the core just to get a few extra MHz out of it.

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    I'm seeing late March early april for the 1.3 and 1.33 Tbirds. Seen that on several websites today. Probably more like April..

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    limit on 12.5......that means that 1.33 (or 1.3) will HAVE to be 266FSB.... that means $$$

    also won't 1.3(3) oc HIGHER than a 1.2?
    1.2's OC higher than 1 gighz.

    I want to hit the 1.4 barrier, but 1.2's are a bit risky to get that high, as not all of them make it. 1.3's should be no problem to get there.

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    Nah, with proper cooling (liquid) you shouldn't have that much trouble hitting 1.4 - 1.5Ghz with a 1.2 right? No one specified air, or liquid cooling....
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    well I'm definatly going AIR. Not peltier either. And no super Delta fans... too loud. I will probably get the AlphaPEP66T for KT7A boards... it has a SMALL delta.... 28CM? But its only 36db vs the 42.5db of the larger deltas.....

    I don't think I'd like my computer sounding like a blow dryer 24/7

    thats why i MUST get 1.33.......

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    This is what I read somewhere:

    The cuts will help pave the way for the introduction of a 1.3GHz desktop version of Athlon, which sources say will be unveiled at the CeBit computer trade show from March 22 to 28 in Hannover, Germany. In addition, the first version of Athlon for notebooks will arrive March 19, according to sources.
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    Trinity (Mar 06, 2001 08:30 p.m.):
    Any idea what the 1.3 T-bird will do? When do you think it will be out?
    I have one coming in the mail already and im using my danger den maze and a 156Watt peltier which I'll have to buy a $109 ss25 switching power supply for since 12volts overloaded on my duron 800. Thinking about Tom's hardware- and his power box -21 sounds nice! But I'm sticking to my guns on this one, hope it goes well. I'll need the eXtra power to run my World Craft maps- Geeeeze, a compile can take 4 hours, man.
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    I can't believe AMD. They were suppose to release the 1.3 this week. But AMD is starting to get cocky and wants to milk out our $$$. AMD should be so fourtunate that they have finnaly made it up to the top. For a LONG time they have been the underdog. I would have expected something like this from Intel, but AMD. Its foolish steps like this were Intel will most likely make their way back to #1 within the next few product cycles. AMD sure knows how to take advantage of the ones who helped to get them to be #1.

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    I have a feeling that the 1.3 will be 266mhz bus. I am going for the 1.2 once I get the money. I wonder how current 133a boards will support the polomino.

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    Probably all the newer AMD chips will be 133 front side buses, or at least a majority of them.

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