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    another multi vs fsb MHz questions

    what is the difference between 202x12 and 11.5x211, besides about 2MHz? P95 fails on 3rd test at 11.5x211 but runs for hours on 202x12...anyone? hitechjb? altec? need some help here...thanks in advance all....12x206 is still good @ 1.825 but i'm assuming 11.5x215 won't work at the same vcore.....

    EDIT: oh yeah, raising vcore from by one notch doesn't help...2MHz difference???????

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    When your fsb cant go any higher it usually means your ram or northbridge has hit its limit. Adding more vcore the processor wont get you higher fsb, but it will get you higher mhz overall. Trying upping the voltage to your ram. Also are you running a stock sink on your northbridge? At higher fsb's that sink usually gets very hot and getting a neweer one can really improve your result.

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    Same boat. I can run 206x12, but not 215x11. However, I can run 215x9.5.
    I've tried dropping the memory below sync to rule that out. I also removed the northbridge HSF, cleaned it up and reinstalled with AS3 and have a 92mm fan on a bracket blowing down on it. After that didn't help, I even did the pencil trick which has bumped the chipset voltage from 1.596V to 1.647V. Still stuck at 206 FSB. I'm gonna try going to single channel memory next.
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    bigger power supply, gotta have it, 350w won't get you any further, might i suggest antec truepower, doing me lots of good.

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    When your fsb cant go any higher it usually means your ram or northbridge has hit its limit.
    Of course, if you don't lock your PCI/AGP, you end up pushing those items too far also.

    When you raise your fsb, you have to pay attention to your Northbridge cooling. Add Artic Silver III to the stock cooling or upgrade the cooling all together.
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    i don't think it's ain't pci lock issue...probably NB...i'll put some as3 on it and probably add an hs to the SB, too. i figured if i was stable at 206x12, any combo underneath 2472MHz would be stable...given that i have been okay at 218x11. i'll figure it out....thanks all.

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