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    broadband problems

    OK hear is the problems I have had not to big compared too dial up junk ......but if I can fix it please tell... 1 standby does not wake. 2 I can't play pool on pogo anymore and they don't give a .... any suggestions I will try ....I have played with my settings with no luck yet does anyone know any tricks to get around these probs. Thank You in advance.

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    some ISPs block odd ports and it may be that pogo is running on one of these, see if anyone you know on the same ISP can play pogo or look for a website that can port the game through http

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    You may want to contact your isp and find out why you can't maybe they did something to your connection they did by accident. but don't tell them what you want that port for. also try changing the port your game is running if possible.

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