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    Question Fan Intake or Exhaust

    Long time no post for me...
    This is a real newb question but i am still confused....
    I purchased the P4 2.53ghz and the Alpha PAL heatsink.
    My Motherboard is the ABIT IT7 MAX .. and i understand that there is a temperature readign fault. I am getting 41 Idle and 48 Full load. Thats not the problem because i REALLY dont have that temp.. its the ABIT defective temp. sensors problem.

    SOOO basically the real problem is... which way is the processor fan supposed to go... INTAKING air TO the processor core or pulling the hot air FROM the processor using EXHAUST power?
    I want to know so i can POSITIVELY decide if my temp reader is defective. I am too lazy to test both ways..... but i am usign the INTAKE system now.. because my friend said its better. BUT the manual for the ALPHA said to have the air exhasut from the processor?!?! PLEASE HELP ME OUT ..
    THANKS for any help =D


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    Intake is much better since it's forcing the hot air off the heatsink fins.

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    ok cool

    Ok great... THANKS ALOT!
    i had no idea what to do .. =D

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    you can always try both ways to see which one works best
    i've read some post that Alpha HS are better with fun sucking air out of the HS (im not sure about this though)

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