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    completely heatpiped cooled case!

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    Looks really cool...but my only much...

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    Those colors are so last season...


    The idea is fantastic, I'm *really* curious about the performance. I'm sure it will be quite some time before we get our hands on a real review... but it really could do some wonderful things. This is actually the first commercially designed case I've seen that is SPECIFICALLY designed for whole-case cooling. I know the Xaser, Lian Li, Cooler Master type cases are designed with 'optimal thermal cooling' in mind, but *this* thing actually incorporates the cooling INTO the case. I wish more case designers would do something like that.

    The current model for a 'high-performance' cooling case seems to be much more simple than this Zalman case. Aluminum sides... optimal airflow... spread out the heatsources... yaaaawn.

    Show some innovation people! We basically have the exact same case design in the $200 'cooling cases' as you see in the $20 crap-samples. Adding wider, less-restrictive fan holes and choosing aluminum over steel isn't Earth-shattering progress. R&D! R&D!

    Basically... props to Zalman for showing us how inventive ideas can take shape into a working model. Now... where is my test article?
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    I totally agree- Todays cases are pretty much the same- but i have to wonder about the cost of the heat piped case- My case doesn't have a problem with heat dessipation because everything is 6 FEET apart <...> and it only cost me $110. Props to the cracka who's got the mula to buy this case though!

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    I doubt it will perform well. Ppl will get all ****y that their HDD's are too loud and try to do something about that.
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    yeah, i wonder if its really worth the price. its probably going to be pretty expensive, say $500ish

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    All heatpipes do is allow heat to be moved around. You still need to dissipate the heat. This simply takes the video card heat and cpu heat like any watercooling system does...
    you don't have to do the work...
    Rigid copper pipes
    Small pipes
    Most likely sub-par means of dissipating heat

    I'd buy a koolance before that thing (omg i can't believe i said that!)

    Props for being different and trying but i don't buy the whole heatpipe thing anyway.
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    it's definitley different, i'll give you that. hell i'd probably buy a koolance over this but the heatpipe coolers for the videocards do wonders, and best of all they're SILENT.

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    uhh ... what does my p4 2.4 have to do with anything? and $500 is my estimate, so "i think" is appropriate. and i'm not bashing the koolance, i would buy it over the zalman if i had the money b/c its cheaper and probably performs better.

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    its a really original idea but i doubt it would cool well enough for anything fast

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    That looks really cool. I wonder where they got all those heatpipes from - I've never seen a heat pipe HDD cooler, but then again I don't look at heatpipes much.

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    I believe all the products that are incorporated into the case are made by Zalman. I know that Zalman recently released a heatpipe HDD cooler that can drop temps up to 25C without fans, according to a few reviews.

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    wow, this is awesome. I actually had an idea very similar to this for an SFF comp to be used as an HTPC. I kept thinking about making a custom tiny little metal case with no fans and then just use big chunks of copper that are connected to the case itself to cool the vid card/cpu. Hmm.....if this thing turns out to perform well, maybe I will go through with that idea
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    I agree that looks really cool, but then the cost like everyone said, will be a killer.

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    Okay, so you put the fans on the outside of this case?
    Zalman stuff always looks nutty to me and then it works excellent.

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    i think the point is for no fans to be used... but i bet passing some air over it with a large quiet house fan will do wonders, just like all thier other passively cooled stuff

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    and what about upgrading...wouldn't it be hard to switch mobos if the cpu was in a different spot...those rigid copper tubes don't look like they like to would you go about upgrading and customizing....hmmmm
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    I agree with dragon on this... it is coll but not realistic for upgrading any of the components if you endup getting a component that is larger or smaller than the heat pipes that you are using to suround it with....

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    when has zalman been worried about size and ease of handling? e.g. their ~775 g CNPS-7000

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    I dont know about it, as ajrettke said, i would prefer to buy a koolance premade w/c system/case over this. not only would i save money, but it would be just as effective.

    EDIT: just an IMO

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