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    i can't believe this whole time..

    My SLK 800A was not mounted right this whole time. I changed out my motherboard to an a7n8x, cleaned the core and sink, applied fresh AS3. When i mounted the HSF, i noticed it was sitting different, more secure, not as wobbly, and coverd the whole socket.

    Before upgrade:

    idle 35
    load 43

    after upgrade and proper mounting

    idle 28
    load 36

    Still can't believe it
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    I know how you feel, I had my Volcano 7+ mounted wrong. It wasn't sitting leavel on the cpu. After I remounted it my temps came down also.

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    Could also just be a difference in the temp sensors of the two different boards. These things are quite inaccurate which is why I find it so strange that people here are constantly quoting their temps and trying to go lower than anyone else. Some people even go as far as to believe that newer BIOS revisions "keep their CPU cooler" Actually the board manufacturer has just changed the sensor settings so it reports a lower temp.
    Temp monitoring in computers is a very inexact science.
    However, reseating the HS can have a very beneficial effect, so good job :-)
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    Great temps man do i see an awsome ocing opertunity here?

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    My temps whent down alot too. I had a volcano9 that wasnt sitting properly, and when i upgraded my temps droped ALOT! maybe it was a combo of alot of things, such as mounting it proberly, lapping it, using silver compound vs. that white stuff, and a thin layer.

    I could not beleive how much my temps droped!

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