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    temp internet files 2.6gb but the folder is empty

    alright i'm stumped here guys and could use some help.

    i'm cleaning up my computer and i've got this magical 5-7gb or so that just won't go away.

    I found a large chunk to be the temporary internet files folder. I deleted the contents yesterday and it is still reading 2.68gb i have hidden file/folder veiwable and OS files veiwable and there is simply nothing in there. why is it still showing 2.68gb?

    on a side note i think i may have found a glitch in 2k that results in wndows beleiving more hd space is used then really is. the way the file system is setup where documents and settings is split up for individual accounts seems to add every reference to file size together. for example
    you have 2 accounts admin and guest, you have 1 large file on the desktop for both accounts. windows seems to add the file size twice if you look at the proprties of the documents and settings folder. so instead of said file being 500mb os whatever it will read as 1gb of used space.

    I hope that makes sense.

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    It's possible either the index.dat file or the content.ie5 folder is corrupt. You might want to try deleting the content.ie5 folder (which contains the index.dat file)...Start | Run | Type cmd and hit OK | Type the following at the command prompt...

    del C:\Documents and Settings\Default User\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5

    ...this would be entered from the default command line:

    C:\Documents and Settings\Your name>

    Before you can delete the content.ie5 folder, you may need to end task on explorer.exe first...just make sure IE is closed, and the command prompt is open first...also, don't close Task Manager before using it to restart the GUI. After you reboot, the content.ie5 folder will be re-created.

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    As a side note, your 2 instances of one file is not an error in w2k. Each user account has their own settings and files which is located in C:\Documents and Settings for w2k.

    If you have a copy of program.exe on the desktop for both admin and guest, then you have two copies of it on your C: drive. However, you can put the file into C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Desktop and there will only be one copy that is accessible by all who use that computer.

    Lastly, there is a great free program that I use which gives you a graphical representation of what files are taking up the most room on your hard drives. It's called scanner.exe (not too original) and it works well. Just download, unzip to a directory, and hit the scanner.exe.

    You can get it here.

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    What about scandisk? Maybe it's just plain lost chain resulting in incorrect free space detection?

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