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    Windows XP + IE Trouble

    Actually, I don't know if anyone will be able to help, but I haven't found any info on this yet...

    I've re-installed XP quite a couple of time and each time I get a problem with IE and windows resizing... It seem that IE can't just record correctly how to open new windows... If I create a new windows with control-n (file-> new) it open correctly and maximised. When I start ie, it start maximised. But as soon as I click any link which open a 2nd windows, it open at about 95 % of the screen. Just enought to be really annoying when you wanna close the windows...

    Anyone know how I could fix this up? I would really appreciate hehe


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    I've noticed this too. There isn't really a fix to my knowledge, it will soon fix itself.


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    I know IE remembers where it was when you close it (so if you close a maximised window, it should open maximised next time -- which seems to be working for you) Don't know why new windows would do that though.. inherant flaw?

    I've moved on from the horror that was IE.. tabbed browsing has completely removed the need to resize new windows If your bored with IE, you should check out the browsers sticky. I really like Firebird.
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    Cheers to su root. With the tabbed browsing option in Firebird there's no need to open numerous windows ever again. The Firebird browser has some nifty features you can add on and it doesn't load any of the spyware that IE sucks in.

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    I already have firebird... But I dunno, I must admit that's the only product I use from m$ (except windows of course)

    As for tabblet browsing, I just don't feel confortable with it... At least I know I'm not alone with that trouble...

    As you said, su root, it does remmember setting for normal windows but it don't for new windows through a script... So maybe it's some known flaw... But why haven't they fixed this in almost 2 year?

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