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    how to get 10% off dell coupons???

    hey guys
    how do you guys get the 10% off dell coupons, any idea?
    i know you have to sign up for something and sometime they email it to you, but where/what do i sign up?


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    I believe if you get their magazine it has coupon codes in it.
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    I donated my old pentium computer to dell for 10% off coupon

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    mostly get the xtra coupon deals from Dell's magazine , but you can sign up and get deals through the e-mail too .

    Sign up for an account (no cc needed) and they will send you stuff in the mail (an e-mails) .

    sign up HERE

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    exactly what i wanted, thx stereo


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    The best way is to sign up, and then buy something from them..

    They figure if you bought something once, they'll give ya a lil coupon action, and you'll buy again.

    I bought my 1900FP with a 25% off discount. -saved mucho dinero.
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    They just had some nice deals on thier LCDs.
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