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    Wireless 2.4GHZ phone next to my monitor giving my monitor lines when i pick it up.

    Hello all I have a Hitachi CM721F and a wireless 2.4GHZ panasonic phone right next to it.. whenever someone calls me and i pick up the phone to talk my screen starts to do wierd things like get lines across it etc... now i know this is most likely normal but my question is ... is this BAD in ANY way for my monitor.

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    I';m no expert, but the way i see it, is the monitors just getting a little bit of interference. As far as i know, it shouldnt be damaging, just messing up the signals that are crurently being sent throught the monitor. [Thinking on the lines,as floruesent lights can interfere with Cat-5 network cable, that the signals from your phone are only temporarily interfering and causing no permenant damage. ]

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    No, it's not bad. Just some temporary EMI.
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