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    Which DVD player to get???

    After my parents got me a APEX dvd player known for hacks and all, i was happy then it turned out my AD-500 dosent play any thing but dvds not even cd-r or dvd-r. So know i wanna buy something that can do it all. DVD,VCD,SVCD,XVCD,MAybe even divx and mpeg-4 but thats not as important, any one got any recomandations? Im thinking APEX again sening as how the AD-500 only cost about $70 but plz let it play burned VCD,SVCD,XVCD on cd-r and better yet cd-rw to if possible. Try to be cheap if possibly but i got about $400 to spend.

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    Since your loaded, what about the pioneer dv-440,Playe...5_1587crx.aspx
    I thin k i t can play burned vcds, svcd, and xvcd.

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    I got a Denon DVD-1200 a few weeks ago and could not be happier with it. I have it hooked up to my sony 57" widescreen and the picture quality is great useing the progressive scan (480p) output. It plays DVD+R's with no problem at all. It's right at your $400 limit, but it's money well spent.
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