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    Cool G-force 4 4600TI Too Hot????

    I have my g -force 4 4600ti overclocked! How much should i overclock till its too hot?? i have the normal fan on the card


    Core clock 300 @ 329

    Memory Clock 650 @ 740

    I will this be to hot in the long run??

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    you can do a touch test ;x just becareful not to hit it touch it too hard =d usually graphic cards are warm to hot depending on yrou case cooling if you're gonna OC it more you should prob get some more air flow to the card =d

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    Do you have fans on it or a heatsink combo?
    My 4200ti runs about 140F after long UT2003 playing.

    These are meant to run hot. If you are NOT getting artifacts or visual problems, do not worry.
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    My ti4200 is hot too, it's running a bit overclocked for about 8 months now. I haven't had any problems whatsoever.
    I did forget to plug the fan back in. I got bugs in less than 2 minutes, luckely i turned off the comp quickly enough to save the card!

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    Thanks alot!!! So just overlock to the max
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    my ti4200 was not overclocked at all and it started giving me visual problems.
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