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    In need of basic advice

    Yesterday I bought more ram for my older computer (Win98se w/ 96mb 32+64) anyway I bought 2 128mb pc100 and I took the 32mb stick out and put the other 2 sticks leaving me with 320mb. Well everything was fine until windows loaded and it'd get errors 1 after another and just end up unresponsive so I took out the 128s and put back the 32 and loaded fine and put back the new ram again and errors come back... Is it bad ram? Should I take out the 64mb? I need some advice because I have no clue

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    Try each stick seperately. That way you will be able to tell which one is causing the problems. Where did you get the ram, btw? What kind is it? It sounds like bad ram.

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    Its Centon PC 66/100 SDRAM, I got it on sell at Circuit City

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