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    in need of water cooling

    ok thats it im going water cooling any one know of a good w/c setup i could get for around 300-350 usa dollars lnks would be very much apreciated and need a rad no migger than 8x8 its going to go in between 2 slabs of dry ice

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    why are you using the rad to chill the water? could you put the dry ice somewhere else and save money on the rad altogether? usually people who are chilling their water don't use radiators

    also, do you want cpu, northbridge and gpu cooling?

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    cpu and northbridge for an abit kd7raid i want the rad for when i run out of dry ice also i need no fans since already have 7 tornados

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    how about a fishtank res? with a powerful pump in it .. that you could dump the dry ice into.. (or somthing..)

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