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    FMI 802.11b router for $19.99 no rebates!

    Sounds pretty decent found it at fatwallet...

    how much is shipping i wonder..

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    Makes me sick to think only a year earler I payed $170 for almost the exact same thing, execpt that mine is a netgear.

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    I am also wondering how much shipping is. You must supply a credit card before you can see your checkout price. When will these people learn how to make a website.
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    i just clicked the estimate shipping and it said ground shipping is like 5bucks to ship to irvine, click add "Add to Cart" and then under the subtotal there is a link to calc shipping and tax.

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    "this is a clearance item, product is sold as is and cannot be returned"

    but i think im going to order one anyway

    edit: 90 day limited manufacturer warranty, and my order is placed
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    or you can buy their 2 year warranty for $7.50..hehe

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