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    256mb 2700 or 512mb 2100?

    Alright, I'm looking to upgrade the "family computer" soon because it gives me a chance to upgrade mine, and the best part is that my Dad is paying for it. Anyways, the family machine is going to have an abit kx7-333, a low-voltage 1700+, a Western Digital 80Gb SE, and an old GeForce 2 video card. The computer will mainly be used for e-mail, internet, word processing, and some AutoCAD. It's also going to be running Windows XP Home. So, long story short, my question, is basically this: considering the hardware of the machine, and what it's going to be used for, would I be better off getting 256Mb of PC2700 or 512Mb of PC2100? Price is sort of an object, I plan on buying off of newegg, and would like to stay in the $50-$60 range. Or, for that sort of money is it possible to get 512Mb of some cheap generic 2700?

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    I think 512mb of pc2100 would service that machine better than a 256 mb stick of 2700(Windows xp, and i KNOW someone in ur family is gonna have all these new little themes n stuff, so ya get the 512mb stick :P)

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    Stick of 512 is going to be good ebough. 256 isn't really enough for XP. I ran a stick of 256 for a long time, but glad I finally got more. Anyway, you could probably overclock the 1700+ a few mhz. Im sure the ram will let you do that.
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    Take a look around. You may be able to find some 2700 in your price range.

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