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Thread: FX 5600 clocks

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    FX 5600 clocks

    I have a new Gainward FX 5600 Ultra 256Mb. When I run Riva tuner it says I have a core clock of 54 and a memory clock of 100. I thought it was a problem with the tuner and the new card but I just ran 3DMark03 and it reports the same clocks and a 3DMark score of 2506 and 658 CPUMarks. Isn't that incredibly wrong! What could be going on with this card?

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    hey...just found this quote at

    We tested the new NVIDIA cards with the driver release 42.72. We had to leave out the scores with 43.00 in Splinter Cell and 3DMark 2003 because the driver does not recognize the cards yet.

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    another quote from them:

    GeForceFX 5600 Ultra - (350/350 MHz); Estimated price: $199.

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    no 3dmark doesn't read the fx 5600 or 5200 cards correctly. i curently have the highest score at futuremark under the fx 5600 ultras in 2003. clock pdeeds 480/1100mhz.

    here is a screeny.

    and the link to the score, 3dmark shows clock running 120/122?

    but maybe it's correct? it's a 4 pipelined card each pipe running 120mhz so 4x120=480mhz?

    and if you are running stock 4x100mhz=400mhz?

    sounds like sombody needs to get it right
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