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    Question Unlocked or Not?

    I'm about to upgrade my oc'd T-bird to an XP and am considering a 2600+Thoroughbred B or Barton 2500+. I've read various forums and other sites/boards and am confused about whether these cpu's have the L1 bridges intact (unlocked) so I have access to various multipliers or not. Some posts/articles say they are and some describe in great detail how to unlock these cpu's.

    So what is it? Unlocked or not?


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    i heard that you can buy them unlocked from new egg. but since new egg is an american only store i don't go there. but if memory serves me right if you want a mad overclocker go to *i think* and they sell guaranteed 1700's and such. but you don't get a cpu stock unlocked otherwise it would just default to the lowest multi and its default fsb.

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    All T-breds and bartons are factory unlocked

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