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    Perspective: Think your monitor 19inch monitor is to small?

    Talk about gaining some perspective.

    I've been using almost exlusively my secondary system for the past few days, tweaking Windows and trying to get it back into running shape after a reformat. It has a 13inch monitor thats just barely capable of 1024x768.

    Just now I sat back down on my main computer, which has a 17inch monitor that runs 1280x1024, and I swear to god it feels MASSIVE!!!! I mean, I never thought my monitor could feel so GIANT.

    Just looking at the screen makes me drop my jaw, much less the resolution when I turn it on.

    The moral of the story: Perspective, Your monitor is always big to you at first.. but after you get used to it it feels smaller and smaller and you want to go bigger and bigger, Well..just use a monitor 3 sizes smaller than what you have now and realize how big your monitor really is

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    I will never!

    But really, people talk about getting HUGE monitors for typically HUGE prices, but very few things require such resolutions. For gamers, 1280x1024 is the highest you can get most games to run anyways before you have to drop some of the quality settings (frame rates won't be high enough).

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    I use a Trinitron 21" at work for CAD applications. My 19" at home feels a little small and my parents 17" feels like i'm looking through a key hole. Ofcourse my brother who uses the 17" all the time thinks my monitor's huge. Everything is relative.

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    13" @ 1024x768?

    Ouch. I don't think I could handle that. I bet you get built in anti-aliasing and font smoothing.

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    I used a 15" LCD for the longest time, but I finally got a 17" gatewat monitor. Anyway-I think its 17"s. Could be 19". Either way-its pretty big.
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