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    Mount mobo w/ magnetic screwdriver?

    Ok, we all know you're not "suppose" to do it. But has anyone besides me used a magnetic tipped screwdriver to mount their mobo? I have only done it on one mobo, and it works fine.

    Post back w/ how paranoid and carefull you are w/ your hardware, or how careless you are. I never use an anti static writst strap, don't ALWAYS turn off the PS when messing around w/ the hardware. Have swapped fans w/ the computer on, etc. AND NOTHING BAD HAS EVER HAPPEND. Although I think I will be abit more cautious in the future w/ respect to some of the stuff.

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    I do it all the time...couldent imagine doing it without one. Never had any problems with it. Oh i never wear any of the antistatic crap, all I do is touch the frame of the PC and Im good to go.

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    I agree, I never where a strap and goodness, things are really difficult when not using a magnetic tip screw driver.
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    i've used my Snap-On magnetic bit driver thingy (awesome screwdriver with ratchet-like motion and changeable bits). Best $100 I ever spent, and Snap-On replaces anything you break for life =)

    And I have built who knows how many machines and have never had an issue with it. Just don't go forgetting and laying on a hdd (even then I doubt there would be damage, but who wants to test that theory?)

    and i'm with Octo and Stryder...just touch the metal frame of the case or the power supply casing and you are good to go (and there is A LOT of static here in southern Idaho cuz its so dry and dusty maybe).

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    I personally use a Black and Decker Cordless 3.6V Screwdriver with Clutch model number VP730 (most features). Here is one (no endorsement implied) . It has a magnetic tip, works fine and lasts 2 weeks between recharges (typically used to build 5 computer from scratch in 2 weeks). Also the clutch prevent you from stipping screw on everything except hard drives (cd roms okay).

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