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    ummm...neverheard of this ram

    has anyone heard of Xerox Ram...its 3200 and i can get it to 6,2,2,2 timing. Basically im just wondering if its good or if i keep it at that timing is it going to fry on me.

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    Hehe, Xerox, like the copier company?

    Probably just someone elses memory and they slapped
    their name on it. I can't imagine Xerox getting into the memory
    world. What does the individual chips say?

    Generally good memory will not "fry on you". Bad memory,
    well, it's going to fry on you eventually wether you OC it or not.
    It can't hurt much to push the memory beyond it's specs and
    see what it can do. As long as your not pushing the voltage too
    high, the worst that could happen would be a hard drive
    corruption from a bad overclock or the memory chopping up
    data. IMHO, that's a small price to pay to find the limits of
    all your hardware, and properly "tune" your machine to it's
    (safe and reliable) limits.
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    Sure, you put a stick in one slot and then in the morning you have 2!
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    Originally posted by xgman
    Sure, you put a stick in one slot and then in the morning you have 2!
    Sorry, but that was pretty funny.

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    LOL Xerox RAM!!!

    Have to agree with Sean, that was quite funny too. I've never heard of it and I'm pretty sure it's just relabelled. See if you can find any other clues on it as to what chips they might be or something. If your system is stable with those timings for a while then it shouldn't have any risk of causing problems. Run Prime95 for a while and then see.

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