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    Removing P4 Retention

    Anyone know of a guide or has removed a PIV retention clip off the motherboard? I'm considering getting a bolt-through heatsink, and was wondering if the push pins (I'm assuming plastic on my Abit BE7-G) can come out easily and be reused if needed?


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    I hear they are if you use needle nose pliers because i've seen people asking for the brackets they aren't using because they broke there own or something like that.

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    I don't know of aguide, so I'll write you one!! They do come off fairly simply as long as you're careful.

    Take the board out of the case & flip it over, I use a normal flat head screwdriver. Hold the screwdriver all the way down by the head, NOT UP BY THE HANDLE. Turn the flat head so you're looking at the edge & use it to push the center, usually gray, pins out through the front of the board. Once all 4 are out, then just squeeze the remaining, usually black, clips on the bottom of the bracket & push them through the board. Voila!! Be careful & take your time because we don't want that screwdriver to slip off & gouge the mobo possibly ruining it. And yes you can easily reattach it.

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    I prefer pulling the gray pins out. There are little notches in the black plastic near the heads of the gray pins. You can stick a small screw driver in the notch and pry the head of the pin up. Then you just pull it out.

    IMO, there is less risk of doing damage if you slip this way.

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    Ahh, thank you. I'm trying to get all my info straight.

    Maybe you should write a homepage article for this process, Tical! Pics would be a big plus!

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    I prefer Since87's method. I use a small jewellers screwdriver and pry up the center push pin from the top. Like he said, after all 4 are removed, the retention cage just pops off. Simple and easy.
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    I take a flathead screwdriver, pull up the 4 black pins just enough so aftewards, i can take a needlenose plier (however you spell it), and pry out the 4 pins all the way. Then i just snap out the whole retention plate. Pretty easy.
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    Pry the 4 little pegs off very slowly and carefully with a flat balded utility knife (pull with fingers/pliers at end so they dont fly all over the place) and pull the black carriage out of the board by pushing the pins together in the back (like a Radeon HSF) and pulling it out.
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    Thanks guys! Wasn't confident in this process at first.

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