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    Talking my barton overlcocking.....

    hi i just finished my new rig and today i started to push it to the limits, started with the fsb, and got it all the way up to 191 completely stable but too hot, around 52 C load, it pulled 17397 3d marks, wich i think it wasn't too bad, the memory is running at CAS 2 latency and i just loved it, any suggestion for good air cooling?

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    If you are looking for some good air cooling thermalright has the best heatsinks around. The sk-7 is a great bang for the buck. The slk-800 and slk-900 provide even better cooling, for more cost of course.

    Btw you probably will get a better response sticking this in the amd cpu or cooling forums than the video and sound section.
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    ok be right there... thanks

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    nice rig, how do you like the 9800pro?
    Get a better heatsink, 800u is good , 900u is probably better in the way you can puta 92mm fan so it would be quieter. And check you case airflow

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    Originally posted by Lord_Zoltan
    And check you case airflow
    Airflow? Whats that?
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