Subject: Tweaking the Bios to be able to install newer Processors?

I have a Winsonic WSV6A07 Motherboard - Up to what speed of processor can I put in this board. Is there a way to put Athlon Xp Processor on this board, like processor over 2.0 ghz.

Chipset - VIA KT 133 Chipset(VT8363/686A)
Can I use higher processor speed greater that Athlon Duron 1.3ghz
I tried inserting a Athlon XP 2.2ghz and the board recognized it as a Athlon Xp 1.3 ghz only
can i do some tweaking to let the board recognize the right processor speed.

First of All, I have a AWARD Type of Bios; Award Modular BIOS v6.00PGN
Second at the Frequency/Voltage Control Option at the CPU Host Clock(CPU/PCI) Settings;
I have the following options:
Default ........[X] the default value is enable
100/33mhz(Spd On) ........[ ]
100/33mhz(Spd Off) ........[ ] Not Highlighted
110/33mhz(Spd Off) ........[ ] Not Highlighted
115/38mhz(Spd Off) ........[ ] Not Highlighted
Third my bios is :BIOS-2M (2K000725A) - Found on top of screen.
Fourth my bios Date : 07/25/2000-8363-686A-6A6LMPR9C-00

At the Bios Set-up, at the Cpu Setting I can set the speed but the other options are not highlighted only the default and the 100/33 are highlighted. How can I highlight the others. I think if I can highlight the other options I might let it accept newer processors or do I need to upgrade my Bios, but I have one problem I can no longer find the said company in the internet. Can you help me with it.