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    What do the numbers and letters mean on an AMD processor?

    The subject for this post isn't EXACTLY what I am asking, BUT it is very VERY similar, and I couldn't really figure out how to put this question into words that would fit in a subject line anyway. I would just like to know if there is a chart or a guide or something, that tells what those little numbers mean what on an AMD CPU. I found a chart that tells what the model number is, the max temp, the FSB, and a few other things, but I can't find anything on the AMD website that mentions the numbers below that. I have asked a question very similar to this before, and I understood the answers I was given, I'm just looking for a chart that I can save on my Hard drive in case I forget. Thanks everyone!
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    this is as close as i can get you....

    but i think that the rest is the serial number, meaning absolutely nothing... ever wondered what the serial number on a harddirve means?
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