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    Redhat 9 & Abit IS7 onboard NIC

    Just installed Redhat 9 and can't get my onboard NIC to work, its the 3com 3C2000. I have followed the instruction on the Abit CD and when I make load the driver it says, insmod 3C2000.o but when I go to the network and try to select wich card I have it is still not on the list with the other nic drivers.

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    ok so you have the module installed?

    to see if its in the memory, type

    "lsmod" or possibly "lsmod -a" not sure about the -a flag, i just remember doing it lol

    it will list all the modules that are loaded

    if its not loaded, type "modprobe modulename"
    without quotes of course it will load the module

    and then you can configure the NIC settings in your mandrake control panel, or consult the mandrake docs to see what config files you need to change
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