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    Updating BIOS FOR 21690N Adaptec what am I doing or not?

    OK. I have downloaded the files and tried to install them. I have expanded them, and tried to install from rebooting the computer amny different ways and now am coming here to try to find out what I am doing or not doing right. Please advise. here are the files in the Floppy disk:

    Now, I know it says to install the 29160 files to a bootable floppy? Is this just any ole floppy ??
    I have tried to install just one of these files at a time to get it to boot and install the 3.10 bios update that I am trying to do from the current 2.56 bios SCSI bios drivers I currently have in now, and Adaptec is not very friendly when it comes to customer support, please help someone if you have the time.
    Adaptecs Site:


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    Im not 100%, but the flash5 is an .exe file, right? It sounds like you have copied those to a floppy. Then boot from a Win98 floppy. After you get to the command line, insert the floppy with those update files. Then enter, flash5.exe, ( if thats the flash exe program ). It should ask for the name of the file to update with from there. Im guessing is the "29160N_bios_3100" file. Or, am I miss reading this, and you have allready tried that? Hope this helps. K1ll1nT1m3

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