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    How do I fix this?

    basically when I try to install this game ( Zeus ) it no longer continues to the next screen after I click on install , it just stays at the 'preparing for installation screen' , it keeps staying at 100 percent but doesn't go to the next screen where you choose in which folder you want to install the game etc.

    anyone know how I can bypass that screen , or install without the autorun?
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    what's zeus? never heard of it.

    to install w/o the autolauncher, put the cd in, let the autothing load, then X that out. go to My Computer, then right click the drive the disc is in, click "open." search around for a setup.exe and install that way.

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    hmm ive had that prob installign games it got fixed when reinstalled my os. What installer is it? Check there suppot forums..

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