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    Sparkle power! Ohh yaaa!!!

    Well I just got my 350w sparkle power supply from newegg today. I had gotten an older model from E-rip or E-bay, It didn't have a power switch or the 4 prong plug that stabalizes the 5v line (I think) And it had a loud fan. Well I am already able to push 2500 mhz from my xp 2500 without random restarts. Currently at 2.1 vc. Currently testing with F@H. Outlook is good. nice clean power
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    cool i just got a new psu too because of random restarts. it's nice to know you have some REAL power in there

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    indeed they are awesome psus

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    probably the best price to performance psu on earth
    697+ water coolled systems built , 0 leaks

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