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    i have a prob. with bydra vision

    hi when i try to load the preferences on hydra vision it says it cant load because there are no ATI drivers loaded but i have the latest drivers. I have the ATI RADEON 9600pro overclocked 480/340, and also when i uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers/control panel, and a feature was gone (the ones that let you change the screens angle (old drivers were from a ATI 9200 saphire disk) the new drivers were from ATI Radeon 9600pro excaibure disks, could the reason be that the sapphire disk has more features (i noticed that in the install folder of the saphire was 110-130 megs larger)

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    is that a sapphire or bba card?

    i haven't messed with hydra since i went from my retail bba 8500 to my sapphire 9800. this is just conjecture but i'm thinking that ATI probably holds the rights to hydravision as they do with ATI's dvd player. I know for fact u cannot use ATI dvd player with sapphire. possibly, even probably, you cannot use hydra-vision either without purchasing a retail built by ATI card.
    they have 2 make it worth the extra $ somehow yeah?


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    its a built buy excalibure card, i guess your right

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