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    It almost killed my nf7-s and I'm still not sure it didn't kill me...

    But my pump has been upgraded, my northbridge has a cck-6035 on it. My mosfets are actively cooled, and my front (radiator) fan is now pulling are in through the radiator, instead of out. Oh yeah, and the 120mm grills in the back have been cut out.

    I spent thirty minutes trying to get a boot (kept getting either cmos error or nothing) and eventually figured it was dead... then I went through the long process (a good 20 minutes) of taking off my northbridge sink just to be sure and saw some metal shavings and as3 shorting there (dont ask me how the as3 got there. the shavings I have a good idea). Swept it up, tested it with stock sink, worked fine. So I spent 4 hours putting everything back together (Took alot of careful maneuvering as I use very tough tubing that doesn't like bending) and finally at 8 am my system was put together enough to get into windows. I'm going to switch the fan I've on the radiator, as the rheo on the current fan puts out too much heat, and I must add my optical drives and usb/firewire ports... but otherwise it's pretty well done. I get pics as soon as possible.

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    ouch. how'd you get shavings there?

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    from cutting teh 120 mm fan holes in the case.. hehe at least its the only thing that would make sense =d

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    lol silly you, take your stuff out next time

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