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    Question Who wants to tackle this one..

    I have this server at work...and I want to push it a little ... Anyone done an OC on a Dual XEON system?
    2x 2.0-GHz 533MHz FSB Socket 604 Xeon Processor, 512k cache
    Ill get mobo ifo as soon as I have a chance,
    1GB (2x512) PC2100 DDR
    and oh yeah, here's the punchline
    Its a Gateway 960 Server (eww...but my boss FORCED me to buy it!!)
    I wanted a Dell..wah wah

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    Whether you can overclock a system or not depends entirely on if your motherboard has adjustable FSB settings. Generally, OEM makers such as Gateway or Dell do not allow overclocking.
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    Yeah I believe only MSI and Supermicro offer some OCing options on some of their serverboards...
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    You can use CPUfsb software.

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    Maybe - if the PLL can be accessed and supports a range of frequencies.

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