Ok, I have a P4 3.2ghz 800mhz Ht, MSI-NEO 2 FSIR, and 512mb of Corsair DDR400 Twinx 3200LL, I went into the bios to change the dynamic overclock preference to General, after reboot, all I get now is the computer locking up when it boots windows or some times when on first start, I don't even get a post just the endless intilaizing of the floppy. I cleared the cmos and restarted, loaded default bios settings, and it booted no prob, so I restarted but then locks up on windows booting, only way to get it to boot is if I reset the cmos and boot. Also thing to note is after the cmos reset, and I boot then restart the dram timings changed. Memory damaged? Motherboard damaged? Cpu?