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    Noise question: Maxtor, WD, Seagate

    I am looking to get 120gb 7200rpm harddrive now and another 120gb 7200 rpm in about 2-3 months, the question I Have is which of the 3 are the quietest? (btw I am not getting the 8mg cache, jsut the 120gb 7200rpm model) I have heard that the WD are the loudest, followed by Seagate, and then maxtor as the quietest?? is this true??

    can anyone give me any help??



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    Seagate are generally the quietest, then IBM, then Maxtor, lastly WD.

    The WD drives aren't loud but they are louder. If you want silence go for the IBM or Seagate drives. Seagate are very quiet but the IBM 180GXP are close..
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    my WD 120GB drive is very quiet, i've never heard it make any noise
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    I have two 120GB Maxtors 7200 rpm (8MB cache variety) and two WD Raptors and barely hear a peep from em... I have a Maxtor 60GB 5200 rpm model and I can hear the discs spin on it.. Other than that the two intake fans on the front is all I ever hear... One note on the Seagate tho... I have one that is 6GB (about 6 years old) and I've never ever had a problem w/ it... Never...

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    I'd stay away from the IBM, my friend has one (not sure on the model) and I can't stand to be near his computer. Its not that is as loud as others i have heard, it makes a different drives me nuts.
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    Buy all 3 and find out for yourself.....some of us can't hear certain noise while other can.

    Noise is different for each person...some people can crank a sterio up and have no problem..others turn it a quarter and think it is LOUD!!!

    so buy and try and then return....

    Best buy has a great return policy and so do many of the other place...just tell them this HDD makes too much noise.

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    Seagate are much quieter - their fluid bearing motors see to that. Reviews at test for drive noise; read some there before deciding on a drive.
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    Maxtor have fluid motors as well, seagate, IBM...everyone but Western Digital and they are coming out with FBM

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    I have a DiamondMax 7200rpm 8mb harddrive with the fluid bearings and it seems to be a VERY quiet HDD compared to the other two HDD's (WD and IBM) I have had in my system previously.

    BTW I use a centrifugal blower with speed control, and with it turned all the way down the fan is barely audible, and the other one low speed quiet fan in my system in the PSU is still much louder than my HDD. Unless you have NO fans at all in your case, it would be very hard to have a quieter system than mine - I can still barely hear the HDD unless I really pay attention when no one else is home. If the windows open at night the crickets drown the sound out.
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