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    Which P4 2.4C overclocks better Costa Rica or Malaysia?

    The reason I am asking is because I have been offered a 2.4C Intel CPU (SSPEC is SL6WF-Costa Rica) but I don't know if they overclock as well as those manufactured in Malaysia. Any comments or suggestions? I will use this CPU on an Abit IC7-G.


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    From AnandTech:

    Just to clear something up, the markings on the back of the CPU refer to the packaging site - not the manufacturing site of the actual silicon chip itself. Intel has no fabs in either Malaysia or Costa Rica, they are packaging facilities. The silicon die/chips are manufactured elsewhere in the world and are shipped to either of these two packaging sites. In addition, Intel manufacturing has a goal of running a "virtual fab" - meaning that, among other things, products from one fab are statistically indistinguishable from those manufactured at another fab. So even if, for example using fake names, Malaysian packages used chips only from fab #1 and packages marked Costa Rica use chips from fab #2, there should be no difference statistically between these two.

    I saw these discussions back in the Celeron days, and I commented back then, but this time around it seems a little different. I have started seeing some online retailers charging more for parts from a specific packaging site and this disturbs me. There is no difference between parts from these two packaging sites. Just as you can have 6 head/tails coin tosses come out heads, there may seem to be a correlation that heads is more likely than tails, but there isn't. In reality the odds are still approximately 50/50.

    The silicon is what defines the speed of a CPU, not the package. And the silicon comes from multiple fabs scattered all over the place that are all supposed to be identical anyway.

    If you are considering spending more, or buying from a shadier vendor, in order to get a specific package, I would urge you to reconsider. There is no difference and you are only wasting money, and or risking getting ripped off.

    Patrick Mahoney
    Microprocessor Design Engineer
    Intel Corp.

    There's been a lot of discussion about which Northwoods are better... Ones "made in Costa Rica", or the ones "made in Malaysia." The problem is, no Northwoods are manufactured overseas. All are made in the USA, with the vast majority coming from Fab20 in Hillsboro, OR. They are packaged (in the Socket 478) overseas, but that has no effect on the overclockability.

    Normally, these discussions don't raise an eyebrow from me... But lately I've seen resellers charging more for "made in Malay" chips. And in my opinion, this is a ripoff. I just don't want to see people get taken.

    .13 Lithography Technician
    Intel Corp.

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    just buy a fing cpu and try it out thats the only damn way to figure out if its worth a damn ot not

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    Yeah, what Akira said.

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    malay chip not bad in OC

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