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    Soltek onboard LAN doesnt work!!

    I own a Soltek 75FRN2-L nforce2 board and the LAN refuses to work after i have reformatted my computer and reinstalled windows xp. after using the driver CD that came with the board, windows detects the presence of the ethernet controller. When i try to release/renew my IP it claims that my media is disconnected (and its obviously not). It was working before the reformat. This is an issue with this board. I took it for granted, and now im paying >

    I was convinced that i was a lucky one when i first got it working.

    any ideas on what went wrong?

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    try uninstallign the nforce drivers and go update it to the 2.45's. i have the same board but RL. they are practically identical besides that i have sata raid. if not you can always go to they havea seperate forums for just soltekies like us

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