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    quick question b4 i buy

    The Barton Is better then the Thoroughbred Right?

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    i read that whole thread and i just want a simple yes or no but it looks like yes :P, I'm ordering a 2500+ from newegg as we speak. Hopefully i can OC it from reading that thread ;P

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    as long as your motherboard supports it, the Barton is better than the Thoroughbred for the same frequency due to the larger cache.

    I'm not sure about performance/price though.

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    The Barton is the next generation after the Tbred B..
    so it should be better has a larger L2 cache also..

    I'd go with an Athlon XP2500..with an Abit NF7-s rev. 2.0 if your interested in overclocking..also if overclocking the ram that u get is VERY important, I can not emphasize that enough..

    Good luck..
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    the barton has a higher cache, although you won't be able to tell the difference. I would go with the Barton over TBred though.

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