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    Z560's are buzzin...

    I woke up today morning, and went straight to the computer and heard a weird buzzing in that room. I was trying to find the source and realized that it was my Z560's sub that was emitting this low buzz. *bzzzzz* It's not that loud but I'm just concerned that something is wrong with my speakers. Sound plays just fine, except that this buzz is really getting on my nerves. Anyone know what this could possibly be?

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    try redoing the connections
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    Turn the volume level of windows to 50%. Try turning down the volume of the sub. Look for things around the speakers that might interfere with.
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    Remove connection. Clean connectors. and blow dust out of holes.......May help.

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    Could be interferance caused by other electronic devices around it. Move it away from EMI-producing devices. Like people said, re-do the connections. Check for damage to the wires (pulling on a wire that's stuck usually does SOME damage to it, as I've found . . . ). The Windows volume, speaker volume, and sub volume are probably most likely to be the culprit. My guess is that it's more likely the speaker/sub volume than Windows, though it might be both. Does the buz go away if you turn down the volume completely?

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