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    No Active PartitionDISK BOOT FAILURE

    Does anyone have an idea why nearly every time I start up or reboot my computer at the end of the BIOS post I get the message ...


    I put in my XP disk and can fix the problem through the recovery console with the command "fixmbr" which rewrites the master boot record on the default device. But why doesn't this fix it permanently? (This happened before my last format as well btw..)

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    I realized my boot drive was not first in the boot order .. so I changed them around and everything seems fine now .. Well except that it still says "no active partitionINSERT SYSTEM DISK" before xp starts. ( ? )

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    Without knowing your system specs, I can only surmise that there's a problem afa XP is concerned regarding the Active partition information. Only one Active partition at a time is allowed (unless over-ridden by Boot management software). The partition table, located at the beginning of the drive within the master boot sector, contains partition information for the HDD. When the computer boots, it will examine the partition table, find an Active partition and execute the boot program within the Active partition. If no Active partition is determined, an error "No Active Partition...Insert System Disk" will be displayed.

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