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    Deos anyone know.

    Im very new at this overclocking thing. I need to find out how to overclock my AMD k6 300 mgz processor. deos anyone know how to do this???

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    Read your motherboard manual. It should tell you how to setup your jumpers to obtain higher bus speeds, cpu multipliers, and voltage tweaks.

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    You might want to remove the link to your site. Only the seniors are allowed to have links like that in their siggy. Not getting on your case, just letting you know
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    have a look at the cpu database on the main page for your chip, and see how high people have gotten it there.

    read the newbie oc'ing guides on the main page. it's not a complicated process, but your motherboard is going to have to support the necessary features. also read your motherboard manual thoroughly to find the necessaries.

    if you have more questions about the finer details, then post again and people will be glad to help you.

    good luck!
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