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    Computer Keyboard For Musicians

    Creative is marketing a new computer keyboard with a musical keyboard on the lower half. Sounds like it would be interesting for those of you that do digital music editing on your PCs. You can see the keyboard at and I also found them on e-bay for real cheap! They are called Creative Prodikeys. I wonder if the musical keyboard would get in the way of speed typing?? Check it out:
    Note* I am not the seller.

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    this keyboard has been out for awhile... unfortunately, it suffers from a major drawback.. the keys are "mini keys" which are equivalent in size to those cheezy casio beatbox keyboards. Great for kids, but not practical for anyone who wants to do even hobbyist level midi production.

    if anyone's really interested in getting a MIDI controller, just pick up either a cheap full-size casio keyboard used (they all have MIDI now) or get a 2 1/2 octave controller like the Evolution or Oxygen 8. See for a ton of em.

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