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    Angry GPU fan stops spinning in WinXP

    Duh... seems like this has to be an already answered question to me, but I couldn't find anything on the searches I made.

    As the title says, the fan stops as soon as windows XP starts.
    I don't like that, at all. The gpu heats up to 60-70C with the PC's side off! Yikes....

    I have an ASUS MB with VIA KT600 chipset + Albatron 5600Ultra + Windows XP.
    I'm not entierly sure but I think I'm running on DET 44.03 drivers.

    Well... as soon as any games starts the fan spins and the graphics card is cooler than in windoze.

    It seems like this started when I did the last updates.
    Is there anyway to enable the fan in windows too?
    Any cool reg-hack? or gpu bios change is needed?

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    I would say smart doctor has something to do with it. Ive never heard of a video card fan just stop spinning after loading XP.

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    I'd say it's part of the 5600 ultra's power management; cooling generally isn't needed when in windows. Realize that the FX series can get pretty hot without frying so you should probably be ok.

    If you want to be safe and have the fan always on, I think there might be a control somewhere in the driver settings.

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    Uhu.. yeah, I'm listening Damien.

    It seems much like a "power management" or "Noise management" thingy.

    I have searched the Video properties tab up 'n' down 30 times and haven't found a single bit regarding "In win, Fan ON"

    Yeah, I don't really fear the stuff blowing up on me, since I have adequate number of fans, but I DON'T LIKE IT!

    I like it cool... and ON !!

    I can see a reference number in the FX5600 properties tab saying like "Gpu slow temp threshold... 134C" !!!!!
    Does that mean that the gpu must be cooked to 134C before spinning the fan in windows??!?!

    Weird... they could have told me about it, I'd like to know what cooks in my pc's.

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    U should be running Windows 2000 the God of windows
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