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    Outstanding results after overclocking

    Well, I overclocked my Duron 650 @ 902.75 Mhz with the default voltage but when I benchmark it using SiSoft Sandra 2001, the results isnt really that high so probably anyone here could post in their CPU benchmarks so that we could compare ?.

    At 902.75 Mhz
    CPU Dhrystone : 2505
    FPU Whetstone : 1217

    It seems like my FPU scores is a bit too low. Can anyone tell me why and what can I do about it ?

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    The scores probably are about right at around 1/2 of mine sorry couldn't resist hehehe

    As for what you can do about it, since you are still at default voltage you have a lot of potential still left in that cpu. With good cooling and increased voltage you could do quite well with that Duron
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    Hm, Duron sure have 192 KB combined cache, while ThunderBird 256 L2, and 128 L1. So I think it is not so bad, just compare your results to same Durons, not TB.
    When I had Duron 750 I didn't found any it's weaknesses on games compared to my 750 ThunderBird.
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    RIGHT ON!!! thats a great O/C at stock vcore!!!!
    my Duron 700 <note below> gives me...
    cpu multimed.=4502/5468

    this after my last tweaks listed below... i wish i had a core like yours, but i'm just gettin started... time will tell.
    please post what your settings are, and the cooling you're using...
    i'd like to keep this thread going as we all progress.
    LOL anyone wanna tell me how to get a screen shot

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    Just !PUSH! the< Print Screen> button in Windows.
    Go Photoshop or Paint and say: Edit-Paste
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