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    overcloc-kiNG a K6-2 550Mhz? Please HELP!

    I'm running a K6-2 3D 550Mhz (5,5 x 100) @2,3V (norm.) on ASUS P5 A, CPU without Cap... rocks realy stable @ about only 48 C

    I tried to clock it up to 600 (5 x 120) & 577 (5,5 x 105) each at voltages from 2,3 to 2,6(!), motherboard allows stepless choice, great! If more than 2,3V CPU was detected correctly, but there were many troubles booting up Win98 (protection-error or only a simple hang-up). Even booting from a DOS disk fails (hungs-up). If V = 2,7 -> hardwaremonitor reports error... So if YOU have any ideas or expiriences in speeding up a K6-2 550 PLEASE HELP! ...before I get completely crazy >-( ! Thx! U could also mail to

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    in my opinion a jump of 50mhz isnt really worth bothering about.
    i had trouble getting my k6-500 to 550, only wanted to do it because ti was my first overclock but i realise there isnt much point

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    try 5.5x 2.8v 112fsb... try to get the temp down first tho, seems with the cap off, it's kinda hot.. so increasing to 2.8 will make it hotter. and i think that might be why you're freezing up.

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