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    What does my mobo support?

    I have an Asus A7V200 I think.. It only supports upto 200 FSB..
    but I want to upgrade the CPU from Athlon 850 to another one, I plan on having this as a #2 computer at my dad's house.

    no games, just internet and hosting stuff like my files for my other computer. I have about 512mb of ram in there on two chips, and they are unknown, so OCing isn't an option.

    Do you think that a 266 CPU would work in there?

    Should I shove a Athlon 1.1ghz 386 total cache

    or Duron 1.6ghz with barely any cache

    or should I try for a 266FSB processor? since it only supports upto 200 I do'nt know if I want to take the risk.

    How about an XP processor? those start at 266 though..

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    I did a search for you motherboard on google and, but I couldn't find it at all...

    you're sure the name is correct?

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    the name isn't correct.. I know the "a7v" part is.. then I was guessing with the rest of it..but it supports 166/200fsb

    and it doesn't say if it supports any of the new stuff, and it doesnt put a limit on it either just Socket A which tells me a whole
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    there are two asus motherboards that have a7v in their name and support 200fsb, but not 266:

    A7V, and A7V-m which is micro ATX.

    The fastest CPU the A7V and A7V-m seem to officially support is a Thunderbird 1.4 with 200FSB.

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    really need to know the proper name off the board

    u could properly use a 1.6ghz duron in there lol
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    Foxie, this thread really belongs in Asus AMD Motherboards.

    Officially, with the KT133 chipset, you're looking at older 200 FSB Thunderbird chips, 1.4 max.

    But this is Many people have been successful in running XP chips in the Abit KT7, which has the same chipset as your board. Take a look at this thread, .
    If you PM a mod, this thread could be moved to Asus AMD Motherboards. With any luck, someone who has tried an XP or a newer Duron will be able to tell you their luck.

    You might try to do some Google searching. If you don't find any information, maybe you could be the one to figure out if that board can support an XP, and post your findings.

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    I've seen people run TbredB's in the 266FSB version of that board... so it could be quite possible for you to run them in yours, although you'll have to try and find other people with the KT133 chipset.

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    I would go with the newer 1600 Duron. You can mod the L2 bridge that will turn it back into a Tbred. I think that would be the best buy.

    Although many have used Tbreds in that board, but you have to use the wire mod to up the multiplier.... so you might want to go with a Tbred.

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