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    1st hands on the Abit AI-7 mobo

    right here.

    Over to you, floppy.

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    Just to share the info for those who can't get into the forum or can't be bothered to...

    Originally posted by floppy
    ok, i'll post what i have tested now.

    the board no go with the pair of KHX4K mike passed me. max i can go is 250 5:4. 3:2 above 250 also no go. same with the pair of CH5 i've tested. i'll go home and test the micro guru software when i have time. hopefully mike will loan me the board till fri/sat if possible. i'll take more pix when i get home.

    the preliminary results very disheartening, up on and with the 3 pair of DDR333 rams i'm gonna test with, namely my infineon AT6, my WB BH6 and my Kingston original chips.

    maybe i should change my way of overclocking, do it the micro guru way instead of the traditional overclocking way.
    nothing much else reported worth repeating here for now but the local Abit distro seems to pin a lot of hope on some software from Abit called microGuru, OCguru. Not me tho'.

    Anyone else got their hands on a AI-7 yet?

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    I haven't used the AI-7 yet, but I was interested based on the specs.

    However...after wading through all the garbage on the referenced thread, the results don't look overly encouraging. I suspect all the bells and whistles are holding back its ability to overclock.

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