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    Sudden AMD Death

    I have been running an Athlon 1600 AGOIA for about six months now, stable at 155x11.5. The other day I removed my waterblock for a few system tweaks. When reinstalling my old air cooling ... nothing. I couldn't get it to post. To make a long story short, I tried it in another machine, nothing. Tried another chip in this machine, worked fine. Undid the unlock on this chip, still nothing. I've have tried absolutely everything and I can't get this chip to work. The core is in perfect condition and everything is clean and straight.

    Any ideas? Could it really be dead [along with my MaxiJet]?

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    maxijet? huh?

    anyways, if it was SADS, "sudden athlon death sydrome" chances are it would have died for no reason at all, but since it happened while taking a heatsink/waterblock off and putting something back on, there are sevral possibilities:
    1.)the core may be cracked,chipped,crushed, or damaged
    2.)You may have bent one of the pins
    3.)Some conductive thermal compound is shorting out a bridge
    4.)The heatsink may not have been installed correctly causing it to overheat and burn.

    well these are just some possibilities i can think of.

    Good luck!

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    Did you say the chip works on other machines but not on yours now? If so, blessing in disguise. Sell the Palomino on eBay and up your PR rating by 1000+ on the cheap:

    1800+ @ newegg (Big gamble by risking getting a T-Bred A instead of a B at newegg)

    or guaranteed B here:

    1700+ & 1800+ (That's just the two of those, not higher rated CPUs) at this place:
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    2100+ (that's just the 2100+, not lower rated CPUs) at

    OEM's (not retail) are guaranteed.
    Open the pod bay doors, Cortana.

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    Sorry, I guess I wasn't clear. Another chip worked fine in this machine, this chip didn't work in any machine.

    I grabbed a Duron 1600 to play with for the mean time.

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    Thats what happened to me, luckly I still have warranty from AMD

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