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    Question Umm... what's that mean?

    In the futureshop flyer there is a XFX Geforce FX 5200 for sale
    And i keep hearing about 64 bit and 128 bit cards... it says
    "New 64-phase Video Scaler: Highest quality for scaling DVD and other video to full-screen HDTV resolutions."
    does that mean its 64 bit?
    I checked the XFX website and they didn't even list that part number. Either they go by a "what they don't know wont hurt 'em" approach, or im just blind.

    Never mind... I'm blind in the small print in the flyer it has the part number (PVT34KNA)
    it looks like 256 bit, i guess the website is messed or something
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    it means that futureshop is poop. buy your card on newegg or ncix but not from futureshop. returns are slow, tech support sux royally, and their prices are way to high. I speak from experience
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