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    What is going on??

    Me and My wife took apart our computer and cleaned out the case and such. When we put it back together. It would not post, i first thought to reset the BIOS. so that it what i did. i would then get a post and then everything would freeze. then when i would reset the machine, nothing not even a post. I then thought it was the Memory.

    So my wife and I went to get more memoy. we didnt get any because we had no money . but i decided to try to reset the BIOS again. and it posted but i set the FSB to 133 and it freezes in windows. so i set the FSB to 100 ( so my computer is reading my processor at a AMD 1500 XP rather than an 2200 XP) so i left the FSB to 100 and now the computer boots up fine exept that i get an error when windows boots up.. it says

    PCI scanner (as the title of the window)

    Cant stop driver

    Then after i hit ok

    PCI scanner

    Cant remove driver

    After i hit ok again every thing is fine.


    I wrote this really quick so sorry for any typos...

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    hi, u need to get back in the BOIS and tell it, its a 2200+. where it say 1500+.........try that........ reset CMOS and try what i said.........

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    As it appears that setting the FSB to 133 causes the machine to crash, I think leaving it at 100FSB will probably be a good idea until you can get this solved . . . (otherwise, you won't be able to boot to solve it )

    What I would try and do is boot into Safe Mode (what OS are you running, by the way?) and see if the problem persists . . . If it does not, then it's something that's loading at startup . . . Enter MSCONFIG (go to Start>Run>MSCONFIG>Enter) and remove the startup items (tab furthest to the right in XP) that might cause the issue. If you don't know what they do, then you can disable all of them. Windows will load what it has to to boot up, and if a program needs something you disabled, it'll start it when it needs it . . . So disabling all of them shouldn't hurt anything.

    Also, you might check device manager (Start>Control Panel>System>Third tab on the bottom row>Device Manager) and see if there are any yellow exclamation marks next to any devices. Even if there aren't, you might want to remove the scanner (I assume you have one) from the list by right-clicking and go to remove (or delete . . . I forget which). Then restart, and it should be detected again . . . If that doesn't help, try updating drivers . . .

    If none of this helps, then it might be a bigger problem than just software . . . When you took apart the computer, how "apart" was it? If electronics were out, were they in anti-static bags? Did you touch them without grounding yourself? If so, you might have damaged hardware.

    One last thing . . . Check the temperature of the processor . . . You might have improperly mounted the heatsink, and it might be overheating . . . if setting it at 100FSB makes it run, that might be keeping it from running as hot . . . Post back if it still won't POST

    Good Luck

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