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    I need help with software RAID pls.

    Fisrt i have 2 hard drives and XP pro and want to sw raid them if possible.

    but i need to find answers for a few questions first.

    1) Do i need any hardware for a software raid apart from, obvioulsy, the HD's?
    2) Can i do SW RAID on Win xp pro ?
    3) Do both hardrives have to be NFTS ?
    4) Does the same OS need to be installed on each HD?

    thanks a lot.

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    hmmm... uh... there's actually no way you can software RAID your disks and have Windows running off both... I think.

    you can set up software raid after installing, after upgrade your disks to dynamic disks...

    and I don't think it is worth the risk and trouble involved.

    if you want raid, just get an IDE raid controller. you can find cheap ones for around $20.

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    What he said. Software raid sucks. There are no real gains and its a huge pain.
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    to actually answer the questions

    1 no
    2 depends
    3 yes
    4 irrelevant.

    5. dont do it, buy a hardware controller
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    Hmm...I'm looking into RAID as well...any ideas on the good cheap controllers?

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    Originally posted by Mico
    Hmm...I'm looking into RAID as well...any ideas on the good cheap controllers?
    i would go with a promise controller. they are quality controllers that won't make you go broke... just choose your favorite hardware retailer and do a search

    by the way, some inexpensive controllers will have weak performance...
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